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Old Links of the Moment
Mario Twins
by DarKnight13

by Cerulean Studios

Final Fantasy Hackster
by Disch

by Mortis, ironic as that is.

Console Classix
Console Classix: Online Emulation

Sites With Buttons
Acmlm's ROM Hack Domain Hacking Site Working Fine
Bastardly Productions Save State Editors/Game Cheating Utilities/Humor Working Fine
Magic Ink Hacking Site Working Fine
The NIFTY Page-O-Hacks Hacking Site Working Fine
SolidSharkey.Com Funny Site! Down as of 7:40am EST on 02/08/02

Sites With Banners
Happypeepeehead's Happy Place
RuSteD LogIC
Zophar's Domain

Emulation Links
Site Name & Link Type of Site Link Status
1-Stop NES Emulation Shop NES-Only Hacking Site Currently Down
Archaic Ruins Emulation News Site Down while host moves
Challenge Games Hacking Site Working Fine
Confederated Translation Company Translation Site Working Fine
The Domain of Omniverse Hacking Site Currently Down
DreamWave Games Hacking Site Currently Down
EMUlation eXcitement Classic System Emulation Site Currently Down ??? Currently Down
Excalibur Translations Translation Site Working Fine
FFBytes Hacking Site M.I.A.
Hacker's Forum Hacking Site Currently Down
Hacks In A Sack Hacking Site Working Fine
HeroSoft Hacking Site Site dead? Wierd EOF message...
Hyrule Castle General Emulation & Zelda Site M.I.A. - Links to CheryRoms
Innocent Emulation General Emulation Site D.O.A.
J2e Translations Translation Site Forbidden Error
Mario Emulation Page Mario-Only Hacking Site Down & M.I.A.
Official Dragon Warrior Town Editor Homepage Hacking Tools Site M.I.A.
Rage Games Hacking Site Working Fine
Rayside Ryder's Page Hacking Site Working Fine
Rom Hacking Alliance Hacking Site Working Fine
RPGD General Emulation & Hacking Site Working Fine
RPG Zone Emulation and RPG News Site Working Fine
Seiken Densetsu 3 Translation Translation Site Forbidden Error
Sl1me's Page Hacking Site Working Fine

Non-Emulation Links
Site Name & Link Type of Site Link Status
Something Disturbing Crazy Site Working Fine

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