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EDS Super Mario Bros. is my 3rd hack. However, it's the one that I started on first, learning how to hack ROMs in the process.

 Bill & Bull were killed by Mario & Luigi while attempting to defend Bowser. They have returned from the afterlife to get revenge on the King of the Koopas. Bowser, who has managed to capture the Princess again, now has to defend himself from his former lackies.

 Note: Bill & Bull will start as "Boo" ghosts. When they get a mushroom, they transform into Bullet Bills.


  • Bill - Bill is a Bullet Bill that was killed, along with his brother Bull, by Mario, while defending Bowser.
  • Bull - Bull is Bill's brother, who was killed right after Bill was killed.
  • Bowser - King of the Koopas, he was thwarted in his plans to take over the Mushroom Kingdom by Mario and his brother Luigi. Once again, he's captured Princess Toadstool. Since Bill & Bull have turned on him, he redesigned all of the Bullet Bills to look like Mario. Nobody has dared to ask why...
  • Toad - Princess Toadstool's best friend, and guide to Bill and Bull.
  • Princess Toadstool - Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. She has a bad habit of being captured by Bowser.

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