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Thanks to ZeroSoul, Disch was able to impliment the importation and exportation of tile sets to Final Fantasy Hackster. All tile sets here are in .BMP format, while the preview images are in .PNG format. Please note that Hackster can only import 16- and 256-color .BMP's.
FFPlus by Grond

 The first set I have to offer is Grond's Final Fantasy Plus tile set. Grond did an excellent job ripping images from Final Fantasy II/IVj and converting them into 8-bit images.

File Info Preview?
FFPBG Battle Backgrounds Yes
FFPBoss The four Fiends and Chaos Yes
FFPEnemy Various enemies Yes
FFPHero Classes and Leveled Up Classes Yes
FFPPeople NPC's from villages Yes
FFPWeapon Weapon battle graphics Yes
FFPTiles All of the FFPlus tile sets No

Tzar's Tiles

  This set comes from Tzar. They're some custom sets he made for himself, some he made for Twiztid, and an entire set of Heroes that he made.

File Info Preview?
TzarBoss Three of the Four Fiends and Chaos made for Twiztid Yes
TzarEnemy A few enemies made for Twiztid Yes
TzarHero A lot of new classes, and a "monster." Yes
TzarWeapon Weapon battle graphics from Tzar's FFRevolution Yes
TzarTiles All of Tzar's tile sets No

Grond's Monster Tiles

 Here's another set by Grond. This time, it's just replacements for Fiends and single enemy tiles. Once again, Grond did an excellent job ripping images from various games, including Final Fantasy II/IVj, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, and Chrono Trigger. There are also a few from games I don't recognize...

File Info Preview?
FFMBoss Various Fiend replacements Yes
FFMEnemy Various enemies Yes
FFMTiles All of Grond's Monsters No

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