These are the previews for the various enemies, by Grond. Please note that these are in .PNG format, and can't be imported by Final Fantasy Hackster. If you would like to use any of these images, please download the FFMEnemy.Zip file from the Tile Sets Main Page.

Move your mouse over the pictures to see the names.

Aegil Alteroit Ankuhegu Antlion Berserker Big Bug Blademan Bomb Boner Brawler
Calbrena Cave Toad Dark Elf Demon Desert P. Devourer Druid Evil Shell Fairy Orc Garm
Gelwater General Small Gigas Harpy Imp Madpony Mage Merchant Milon Mini-Dragon
Mototrap Ogre Phase Pirate Python Rhinox Rosie Sahuagin Skeleton Soldier
Swordrat Swordman Swordman Treant Tyro Wererat Whisper Witch Witch Zombie