If you would like to submit a tile set you made, please contact me. Currently, you can contact me via e-mail or AIM.

 Please read these rules before you submit any tile sets:

* The work you are submitting must be your own. The only exceptions to this are tile sets you ripped from other games (such as Crystalis or Zelda, NOT someone elses hack, such as Final Fantasy Plus), or you have express, written permission from the original artist of the tile set. If you have permission, I will double check with the original artist. At this time, the main purpose of this will be to give the original artist one last chance to change their mind before I put them up, as well as to let them know to contact me if they change their mind at a later date, and want them removed.

* Do not send me any images in the initial contact e-mail/IM. Details for submission will be worked out before I ever see your submission.

* Please, no gross nudity. Children will also be seeing/using these tile sets, and the last thing I want is to have their parent/legal guardian yelling at me.

* After the details have been worked out, and you submit your images, I will look them over. If I have any problems/questions, before I put them up, I'll contact you and let you know.

* Don't badger/pester me with e-mails/IM's asking when your submission will be up. It takes a while to code the pages and make the previews, plus I have other things I do, as well as a real life (although haveing a real life still amazes me sometimes...). As soon as I get your submission up, I'll do my best to make sure you're the first to know.

 OK, I think that's all, for now. If you wan't to submit a tile set, you can e-mail me, or IM me on AIM.