This a preview for the Tzar class for Final Fantasy, including the mapman image. Please note that these are in .PNG format, and can't be imported by Final Fantasy Hackster. If you would like to use any of these images, please download the TzarHero.Zip file from the Tile Sets Main Page.

Move your mouse over the pictures to see the names.

Tzar's Heroes
Archmage Archmage Mapman Bandit Bandit Mapman Bub Bub Mapman
Champion Champion Mapman Tzar from Origins Tzar Mapman Lionheart, From FFIIj Lionheart Mapman
Kaiser Kaiser Mapman M. Knight/Falix from Origins M. Knight/Falix Mapman Neo Fighter/Hayden from Origins Neo Fighter/Hayden Mapman
Neo Knight Neo Knight Mapman Neo Ninja Neo Ninja Mapman Neo Ninja 2 Neo Ninja 2 Mapman
Neo Red Mage Neo Red Mage Mapman Neo Red Mage 2 Neo Red Mage 2 Mapman Rubicant from Origins Rubicant Mapman
Samurai/Date Masamune from Origins Samurai/Date Masamune Mapman Tarquin from Origins Tarquin Mapman Tzar Tzar Mapman
Tzar 2 from OPGN Tzar 2 Mapman